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Atkins Advisory provides Market Intelligence Study, Investment Consultation, Account Management and Financial Performance Monitoring. We apply our industry knowledge to grow our clients’ wealth. We manage your assets like we own them

Market Intelligence and Investment Consultation

Get the big picture on the world's markets, with our expert insights and analysis. Discover the updated version of super trends, the five long-term investment themes we established a year ago.

Global Asset Allocation

With the rising trade tensions, softening local currency, and slowing-down economic growth, Global Asset Allocation becomes a new topic for mid-to-high income group and HNW individuals. With a presence in major mature and emerging markets, we offer investment capabilities and investment styles across all major traditional and alternative asset classes around the globe.

Wealth Management

We aim to build a long-term “semi” private banking relationship with you – through the natural stages of building, managing and transferring wealth – from both a personal and a business perspective. As your goals change over time, so do the solutions we create for you.

Performance Monitoring

Our comprehensive structured advisory process ensures each of our consultants has a full understanding of your needs, expectations, goals and constraints right from the start. Our consultant will help you to develop an investment solution tailored to your specific needs, both now and in the future, by regularly monitoring your portfolio, and constantly benchmarking with external funds’ performance in different investment clusters, and continuously adapting to the global changing financial environment.

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